About us

Founders & Owners

Who we are

We are Axel Lowier & Irca Schepers

We got to know each other in 2007 during our studies of Structural Engineering. After finishing our education, we started our career as employees. In 2017 we established our own company as a self-employed secondary business.

Axel: "Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by construction works. Together with my parents, we often went walking in the neighborhood, the deeper the construction pit and the higher the cranes, the better. This enthusiasm for everything that has to do with construction is still alive today. "

Irca: "When choosing my field of study, I have always hesitated between Structural Engineering and IT. For this reason I started working at a software company that develops structural engineering software, a nice combination of my interests! There I came in contact with the software GEO5. "

What we do

Together we are AL-IS

AL-IS was founded in 2017 by Axel Lowier & Irca Schepers. This small business is a secondary activity where we attach great importance to a personal approach and quality.

One of our activities is the distribution of geotechnical software for design and analysis. GEO5 offers an extensive range of user-friendly geotechnical modules, from a simple retaining wall to 2D finite element modules for tunnels.

Together with our customers we look for the best solutions. Moreover, together with us, you determine how we can continuously improve our solutions.

Would you like to save time when calculating geotechnical issues? Contact us for more information.